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Online Courses for Wellbeing

What’s coming up in 2022

Online Course:

Nature, Mindfulness & Creativity for Wellbeing.


In this nature-based online course you will have the opportunity to slow down and connect more deeply with nature and yourself. We will be combining the healing powers of nature with mindfulness and creative therapies.(No artistic talent is necessary at all). In each module you will learn simple ways to quiet the mind, de-stress, re-charge and overcome creative blocks.

Quality time in nature is even more vital for our mental health and wellbeing nowadays as we are becoming increasingly attached to our devices and disconnected from nature.

By connecting with nature in a mindful way this online course will help you to re-connect to your own deeper nature – your inner knowing and true nature. Your nervous system will have the chance to relax so you feel calmer, more inspired and more resourced to handle everyday stresses.

Find out more about this course by contacting Amara at

Nature is not a place to visit.

It is home.

– Gary Snyder