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Eco Psychology: Therapy in Nature


What is Eco Psychology?

Eco psychology or eco therapy is about accessing the therapeutic benefits of nature. It differs from recreation in nature in that there is the presence of a trained therapist. The eco therapy session takes place in a natural setting such as park or beach. Examples of eco therapy activities include walking and talking about issues in a natural setting.  During the session, nature may be used as a metaphor for something in your life, for example, a fast flowing stream, or a huge boulder as a way of gaining more insight. Eco therapy can also include nature arts, mindfulness in nature and other nature awareness activities to assist with wellbeing. Amara is a certified eco psychologist.

Benefits of Eco Therapy

Eco therapy is sighted to be one of 2020’s biggest wellness trends   (click on darker type to access the linked article) though the practice is far from new.  Research has found a range of health benefits of eco therapy including:

Reduced physiological stress

Improvements in anxiety, depression, mood, and self-esteem

Reduced feelings of anger and tension

Increased clarity

Re-connection to nature

Reduced feelings of loneliness

Reduced stress and

Improved creativity and vitality

Improved sense of wellbeing

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Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth

find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

-Rachel Carson