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Catch Wonder in Nature

When laughing children chase after butterflies, they are catching wonder. When wonder matures, deeper layers of marvel are to be found below. 

In The forest Unseen, David George Haskell records – over the course of a year – his visits to a randomly chosen circle about a metre in diameter. Although Haskell is a biologist, he was not conducting research or experiments on the spot of land. Instead, his purpose was to watch and listen to that which is frequently unseen. He took only binoculars, a magnifying glass and a notebook. 

Today, find a little circle of earth to visit. Take the time to ‘Catch wonder’ by observing, appreciating, and marvelling at the often-unseen life teeming all around you. 

You do not have to have binoculars, or a magnifying glass or a notebook. 

Just be like a curious child and ‘catch wonder’.


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